Which URLs must be configured on a firewall/ proxy in order to run a diagnostic package?


The following URLs are accessed when you run a diagnostic package:


SharePoint 2013 Workflows – High Availability (MSMQ)

Workflow Manager only supports a farm with 1 computer or a farm with 3 computers.

There is a very good article by harbar.net  that you can read details .
“However this isn’t high availability, its horizontal scalability. It’s pretty sweet. The trouble is the perception that “Service Bus takes care of everything”. Which is not the Case…

When we create a connection to a Workflow Manager farm from a SharePoint farm with the Register-SPWorkflowService cmdlet we pass in a WorkflowHostUri parameter. This typically is the host name of a Workflow Manager host. If we have three Workflow Manager hosts, which host name should we use? Well we can use anyone we like, as long as it’s valid. This will work. But it’s not highly available. If that particular host is down for whatever reason, our Workflow Connection – which is a Service Application Proxy – will be broken and we cannot configure or execute any SharePoint 2013 workflows.”


The servers should be configured with a software or hardware load balancer for proper load balancing, or can be accessed directly”
Load Balancing is a solution for this issue but it is not enough .
As again

“A load balancer generally does load balancing. Whether it’s NLB or ARR or an “intelligent”, “hardware” device from the usual suspects, it doesn’t make any difference. They all require configuration and scripting to truly function for HA. If all you need is a solution for when you reboot a host due to Windows Updates or similar scenarios you are good. But for everything else you need to tell the load balancer how to be “intelligent”, it will not happen out of the box.”

there is also one more resolution for high availability : MSMQ.
MSMQ is a Windows Server feature that you can enable on your SharePoint Server computer to allow asynchronous event messaging in SharePoint workflows. To support asynchronous event messaging, you must enable MSMQ on your SharePoint Server computer.

After MSMQ installed it can be easily activate by powershell:

$proxy = Get-SPWorkflowServiceApplicationProxy
$proxy.AllowQueue = $true;

MSMQ provides Queue functionality  for SharePoint side , like Service Bus does  for Workflow Manager side. If we summarize
For High Availability:

1) Scale up your Workflow Manager Farm by 3 server.
2) Configure Workflow Manager host uri for your LB and DNS as correctly
3) And Use MSMQ !!! which is not OOB enabled for SharePoint 2013 servers.





Daylight saving time (DST) changes for Chile, Turkey, and Paraguay KB2935092


Chile has announced a new start date and end date for its daylight saving time (DST) schedule for 2014. The new dates are September 7 and April 27.


Turkey has changed its DST start date for 2014 to March 31.


Paraguay’s new DST schedule from 2013, which moved the end date from the second Sunday in April to the fourth Sunday in March, continues in 2014 and onward until further notice.


www.onedrive.com – Microsoft has announced the global availability of OneDrive

Today we are thrilled to announce the global availability of OneDrive. For our existing SkyDrive customers, you are all set; your files are ready in the new OneDrive experience. All you have to do is head over to www.OneDrive.com and log in. For those of you hearing about the service for the first time, OneDrive gives you one place for all of your files, including photos, videos, and documents, and it’s available across the devices you use every day.

–By Chris Jones

“One place is everything in your life”
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Power BI for Office 365 Launch

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Power BI for Office 365, a cloud-based business intelligence service that gives people a powerful new way to work with data in the tools they use every day, Excel and Office 365. With Excel you can now discover, analyze, and visualize data like never before to find valuable business insights. With Power BI for Office 365 you can easily deploy a cloud-based BI environment where people can share insights, collaborate and access reports, from anywhere.

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SharePoint Conference 2014 – March 3 to 6

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Istanbul SharePoint Summit 2013


Presenter at SharePoint 2013 – Advanced Performance Tuning Session with my colleague Tolga Palaoğullarından

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