Sharepoint Top 10 Codeplex project for Developers

Hi Everyone,

Here is my top 10 sharepoint codeplex project for Developers :

1)  Sharepoint 2010 Fluent Ribbon Api:
Fluent API for Ribbon creation in SharePoint 2010. Create and manage your ribbon without unpredictable xml or typo-prone “magic strings”

2)  jQuery Library for SharePoint Web Services
This is a jQuery library which abstracts SharePoint’s Web Services and makes them easier to use. It also includes functions which use the various Web Service operations to provide more useful (and cool) capabilities. It works entirely client side and requires no server install.

3) SharePoint Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2010
this project extends the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Project system with advanced templates and tools. Using these extensions you will be able to find relevant information easily without leaving Visual Studio. You will have an easier time developing SharePoint components and you will have broader capabilities to deploy them on your test environment.

4) SP List Kit for SharePoint 2010
SP List Kit for SharePoint 2010 is rich feature set to enhance usability of all SharePoint Lists. It supports SharePoint 2010. All of SP List Kit support Sandboxed Solutions and SharePoint Online for Office 365

5) Sharepoint Form Generator for (2007)
The SharePoint Form Generator
allow all users to add entries to the list, and can be used to generate rich UI forms with field validation to be embed in your pages. The Web Part supports all types of columns used in SharePoint lists.

6)  Sharepoint Search Service Tool
The SharePoint Search Service Tool is a rich web service client that allows a developer to explore the scopes and managed properties of a given SharePoint Search SSP, build queries in either Keyword or SQL Syntax, submit those queries and examine the raw web service results. This tool can be useful in troubleshooting and verifying the behavior and configuration of a SharePoint environment.

7) Show or Hide SharePoint 2010 ribbon based on SharePoint Groups
This SharePoint 2010 solution allow site administrator to define who can or cannot see the SharePoint ribbon.

8) Useful Sharepoint Designer Custom Workflow Activities
This project takes aim at making it easier to create advanced workflows using Sharepoint Designer by providing a set of custom workflow activities
Send Email with HTTP File attachment ,Send Email with List Item attachments ,Start Another Workflow ,Grant Permission on Item ,Delete List Item Permission Assigment ,Reset List Permissions Inheritance,Is User a member of a SharePoint group ,Is Role assigned to User ,Lookup user info 

9) My Masters Sample Project for Sharepoint 2010
The feature stapling example project which is provide to deploy custom master page to personel sites on Sharepoint 2010
The solution is anwering fallowing questions :
* How to deploy a custom master page ?
* How to customize a masterpage ?
* How to attach custom master page to personal sites using stapling feature ?
* How to set wellcome page programmatically ?
* How to add document library as a web part to a page ?

10) SharePoint 2010 Search Results Customization 
By using this XSLT code, You can customize the SharePoint 2010 Search results from regular format to Tabular format.

MOSS2007 + SP2 (Turkish) Calculated Column not accepting METİN formula

Hi Everyone,

if you try suggested formula  for Sharepoint Calculated Column (MOSS2007 with Turkish Language Pack)  on fallowing official article and the help document of wss like
=”Ekstre tarihi: “&METİN([Sütun2], “gg-aa-yyyy”)

is not working  and getting error of “Söz dizimi hatası”

Cause :Should be a documentation error .

The formula should be “METNEÇEVİR” instead of “METİN” and the splitter should be “;” instead of “,”

Here is the correct version of formula:
=”Ekstre tarihi: “&METNEÇEVİR([Sütun2];”gg-aa-yyyy”)

You may getting some errors for other formulas please read fallowing warning and always keep in mind:

“All example formulas in this topic use commas “,” as the parameter delimiter character. In some countries, the comma is reserved for use as the decimal mark. In such countries, users creating a calculated field must use semi-colons “;” as the delimiter character. Regardless of which character is used when the field is created, the formula works on lists in SharePoint websites anywhere in the world. SharePoint automatically changes the delimiter character to the one that is appropriate for the language/culture of the current page. For example, suppose the following formula is created on a website whose culture setting is fr-fr (France): =IF(Number1>Number2;5;10). If the website’s culture is then changed to en-us (United States), the formula changes automatically to: =IF(Number1>Number2,5,10).”

c# Multiple WebRequest and WebResponse timeout problems.

Hi Everyone ,

In this tips and tricks article i wanna talk about when we use Multiple WebRequest object for interacting some urls getting timeout errors even if remote server not busy.
this is usually caused by not dispose some open WebResponse objects.You can also use “using” statement for disposing unnecessery objects .

For good example :

WebRequest wrGETURL;
wrGETURL = WebRequest.Create(sURL);
// wrGETURL.Proxy = myProxy;

durationTime = DateTime.Now;

(HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)wrGETURL.GetResponse())
status = response.StatusCode.ToString();
TimeSpan ts = DateTime.Now – durationTime;
duration = ts.TotalMilliseconds.ToString();