October 2014 CU for SharePoint has been released

For SharePoint 2010:

For SharePoint 2013:


Open in Explorer view problem for SharePoint 2013 SSL with SNI

Using with SNI with SharePoint 2013 is supported  but wehn you try to use “Open In Explorer View” is not working.
Unfortunately this problem is not related with SharePoint 2013 nor IIS SNI configuration,

It is related with OS WebClient Service do not support SNI on Win7 and Win8.1.

For a Workaround you may try;



few things you should NOT do when deploying Office Web Apps Server

First, here are a few things you should NOT do when deploying Office Web Apps Server.

  • Don’t install any other server applications on the server that’s running Office Web Apps Server. This includes Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Lync Server, and SQL Server. If you have a shortage of servers, consider running Office Web Apps Server in a virtual machine instance on one of the servers you have.

  • Don’t install any services or roles that depend on the Web Server (IIS) role on port 80, 443, or 809 because Office Web Apps Server periodically removes web applications on these ports.