SharePoint 2013 and April CU 2014 issues.

Due to the problem identified in SP1, the  global installation package has not been released yet an. If your business has some urgency to have this issue fixed you can install the single package without any impact in your supportability.

Our full-server packages (SharePoint Server and Foundation) are not yet available and therefore you could install only “sub-packages”. From support perspective we are always suggesting to install full-server packages, but in case you need an important April 2014 CU hotfix, just for your info.

SharePoint contains not only SharePoint components and therefore the following list may not exhaustive.

General information you can find here:

Access Server Download Link
Contains fixes when SQL Server 2014 will be used.

OWAS 2013 has an own kb article:
2863899    Description of the Office Web Apps Server 2013 hotfix package (Wacserver-x-none.msp): April 8, 2014
For this package you need to have a SlipStream installation of OWAS2013 including SP1 or you can install it on top of any other former CU.

SharePoint Server 2013 Oserver package
2760265    Description of the SharePoint Server 2013 hotfix package (Oserver-x-none.msp): April 8, 2014

SharePoint 2013 / Word Server
2768332    Description of the SharePoint Server 2013 hotfix package (Wdsrv-x-none.msp): April 8, 2014

SharePoint Server 2013 Coreserver package
2863887    Description of the SharePoint Server 2013 hotfix package (Coreserver-x-none.msp; Projectserverwfe-x-none.msp): April 8, 2014

SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components package
2863895    Description of the SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK hotfix package (Spdevsdk-x-none.msp): April 8, 2014

More Info




SharePoint 2010 SP2 has been released

Please be aware that SP2 is now available for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 as well as the other server products.

The SP2 release improves the compatibility of the Office and SharePoint 2010 products with Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, Office 2013, and SharePoint 2013. It also addresses security, stability, and performance and contains all the Cumulative Updates (CU)and Public Updates (PU) that have released since SP1, starting with the June 2011 CU and July 2011 PU and ending with the April 2013 CU and May 2013 PU.

SharePoint Server 2010 SP2
SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP2

*Unlikely the previous SP1 , if you have SharePoint Server 2010 installation you don’t need to install SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP2 first, SharePoint Server SP2 already contains this update.

Server Language Pack SP2
SharePoint Foundation 2010 Language Pack SP2

Project Server 2010 SP2
Search Server 2010 SP2
SharePoint Designer 2010 SP2

* It is recommended to install June 2013 CU before SP2. June 2013 CU might not correctly identify the SP2 baseline. If SP2 has already been installed and June CU does not install you need to wait for August CU which will correctly identify the SP2 baseline.

* our Service Packs are cumulative. You can install SP2 directly on RTM.

Here you can find some changes with SharePoint SP2

  • Navigating to a SharePoint site with a BlackBerry device may open a non-mobile page.   Adding RIM6 into compat.browser allows users to access SharePoint pages and view documents in mobile view.
  • If anonymous access is enabled for Sharepoint 2010 SP1 (or later Cumulative Update), attempts to to access the site via a mobile device will receive an authentication prompt.
  • Customers are unable to use spell check in Korean when running SharePoint on Windows Server 2012.
  • Displaying Summary Links Web Part in personalizing view; generating confusing error message.
  • Deployment fails for content types containing a formula field in Italian.
  • File attachments are not deleted due to incorrect URL formatting
  • If requireExactUrl is not set for openweb calls, the PublishingWeb constructor may spawn variation pages  into incorrect locations while attempting re-creation of failed label during create hierarchies.
  • Incremental content deployment fails, giving the following error: FatalError: The given key was not present in the dictionary
  • Spell Checker doesn’t work properly with Internet Explorer 10.
  • Rich text editor spell checker may work incorrectly on 64 bit machines.
  • Customers encounter issues sending e-mail from workflows when the From address uses a non-Unicode character set.
  • Updated VBE7.dll to fix safe array corruption for x64 hosts when calling UDF methods using safe array arguments directly from the host.
  • SQL exceptions will appear in the log when running update statistics timer.
  • Improved performance of the AllUserData table.
  • Getting a feed against a discussion board fails if feed contains more than zero items.
  • SharePoint 2010 client object model now has compatibility for accessing Sharepoint 2013 servers.
  • Windows 8 users with Internet Explorer 10 receive an error when trying to open a document from SharePoint 2010 directly in the Office client.
  • Call GetChanges won’t return changes in certain cases where the change log has been edited and no parameters are set.
  • STSAdm MigrateUser fails when SQL server is not in domain.
  • Attempting to delete a child web from site settings causes the page to fail.
  • There is no exposed method to recalculate the second stage recycle bin size.
  • April 2011 Calendar View does not display correctly with Amman System Time zone
  • Users can create a scenario where a site loses permissions.
  • After deleting a web that contains historical document versions in the RecycleBin, rows are abandoned in the database.  These rows bloat the size of the database, causing difficulty with database management operations such as backup/restore, complicating upgrade and other scenarios.
  • After creating alerts on a document library with unique permissions and moving the contents using SPFolder.MoveTo method, the permissions seem to be lost and even the farm administrator is not able to delete these alerts.

More Resources:

Note: Due to required changes to the Prerequisite Installer, Service Pack 2 cannot be slipstreamed into installation media for use with installation on Windows Server 2012 systems.  Installation of SharePoint Server 2010 with Service Pack 2 on Windows Server 2012 systems requires an integrated Service Pack 2 installation media due
following the patch release.

Sharepoint 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) and June 2011 CU released

Here is the download links.

Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2010 (KB2460045)

Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Foundation 2010 (KB2460058)

SharePoint Foundation 2010 Language Pack SP1

Sharepoint Designer 2010 SP1

List of all SharePoint 2010 and Office Server 2010 SP1 packages

For SharePoint customers planning to deploy Service Pack 1, it is also recommended to install the June 2011 Cumulative Update for SharePoint.

SharePoint Server 2010 cumulative update package (SharePoint server-package): June 28, 2011

SharePoint Foundation 2010 cumulative update package (SharePoint Foundation server-package): June 28, 2011;EN-US;2536601

Service Pack 1 does not contain June 2011 CU fixes means if you would like to install last CU you should better first install SP1 than patched with June 2011 CU  . And also sp1 is not mandatory thats mean you can able to install only June 2011 CU but Microsoft recommend to install sp1 . Sp1 contains new feature packs if you dont install it you could not able to use new features.

!!! UPDATE 12.07.2011
June 2011 CU for SharePoint 2010 has been re-released
Because of some side effects of June 2011 has been re-released.

Issue 1
If you install the earlier build of this hotfix package on a SharePoint server that has .NET 4.0 installed, you cannot synchronize user profiles from AD and LDAP into the SharePoint User Profile Service application database. The user profile synchronization export process fails. Additionally, the System.PlatformNotSupportedException exception shows in Event Viewer.

Issue 2
After you install the earlier build of this hotfix package, the following services may fail at either runtime or the provision process if you run these services by using a user account other than the farm administrator account:

  • Session State Service
  • Secure Store Service
  • Business Data Connectivity (BDC) Service

The rereleased CU has build 14.0.6106.5002. The KB articles have been updated and the binaries on our hotfix server have been replaced with the updated version.

Source article:


Important for all Server Applications listed above:
After applying the preceding updates, run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard or “psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b -wait” in command line. This needs to be done on all servers in the farm with SharePoint installed. You can run psconfig in parallel on all SharePoint machines.

The recommended order of installation is as follows:

Update Foundation first:
SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 1
Service Pack 1 for SharePoint Foundation 2010 Language Pack
June 2011 CU for SharePoint Foundation 2010

Then SharePoint Server:
SharePoint Server 2010 Service Pack 1
Service Pack 1 for Server Language Pack 2010
June 2011 CU for SharePoint Server 2010

Frequently Asked

Q: Can I install Service Pack 1 on RTM builds of
SharePoint 2010 Products?

A: Yes,
Service Pack 1 can be installed directly on RTM builds; however, we suggest you
install Service Pack 1 then apply the June 2011 Cumulative Update.

Q: Do I need to run psconfig after the install
of every package?

A: No, apply all of the available packages then
run psconfig – the database will only be updated once, to the newest version.

Q: Do I need to run psconfig on every machine in
the farm?

A: Yes. Although database is already updated,
the binaries on each server need to be set and permissioned using psconfig.

Q: Will there be a slipstream build including
Service Pack 1 available for download?

A: At this time a slipstream build including
Service Pack 1 is not available.

Have a nice patching…

All Sharepoint Versions Patches Fixes Service Packs

Hi Guys,

Here is the complete sharepoint product version sheet.

Sharepoint Foundation 2010   Sharepoint Server 2010  
Relase Version KB Relase Version KB
RTM 14.0.4762.1000   RTM 14.0.4762.1000  
Jun 10 CU 14.0.5114.5003   Jun 10 CU 14.0.5114.5003  
Aug 10 Upper CU 14.0.5123.5000 KB2352346 Aug 10 Upper CU 14.0.5123.5000 KB2352342
Oct 10 Upper CU 14.0.5128.5000 KB2394323 Oct 10 Upper CU 14.0.5128.2003 KB2394320
Dec 10 Upper CU 14.0.5130.5002 KB2459125 Dec 10 Upper CU 14.0.5130.5002 KB2459257
Feb 11 Upper CU 14.0.5136.5002 KB2475880 Feb 11 Upper CU 14.0.5136.5002 KB2475878
Apr 11 Upper CU 14.0.5138.5001 KB2512804 Apr 11 Upper CU 14.0.5138.5001 KB2512800
SP1 14.0.6105.5000 KB2460058 SP1 14.0.6105.5000 KB2460045
Jun 11 Upper CU 14.0.6106.5000 KB2536601 Jun 11 Upper CU 14.0.6106.5000 KB2536599
WSS v3.0     MOSS 2007  
Relase Version KB Relase Version KB
RTM 12.0.4518.1016 N/A RTM 12.0.4518.1016 N/A
Public DST 12.0.6039.5000 KB934525 Public DST 12.0.6034.5000 KB937832
SP1 12.0.6219.1000 KB936988 SP1 12.0.6219.1000 KB936984
Post SP1 (Jan) 12.0.6300.5000 KB941422 Post SP1 (Jan) 12.0.6300.5000 KB942819
Post SP1 (Jan) 12.0.6300.5000 KB941653 Post SP1 (Jan) 12.0.6301.5000 KB945089
Post SP1 (Feb) 12.0.6303.5000 KB948945 Post SP1 (Jan) 12.0.6301.5000 KB941274
Post SP1 (Feb) 12.0.6303.5000 KB948957 Post SP1 (Feb) 12.0.6303.5000 KB948947
Post SP1 (Feb) 12.0.6304.5000 KB949399 Post SP1 (Feb) 12.0.6304.5000 KB949402
Post SP1 (Mar) 12.0.6305.5000 KB949749 Post SP1 (Mar) 12.0.6306.5000 KB949955
Post SP1 (Mar) 12.0.6306.5000 KB949956 Post SP1 (Mar) 12.0.6307.5000 KB950280
Post SP1 (Mar) 12.0.6307.5000 KB950279 Post SP1 (Mar) 12.0.6307.5000 KB950292
Post SP1 (Mar) 12.0.6308.5000 KB950484 Post SP1 (Mar) 12.0.6308.5000 KB950487
Post SP1 (May) 12.0.6314.5000 KB952288 Post SP1 (May)* 12.0.6314.5000 KB952294
Post SP1 (May) 12.0.6314.5000 KB952292 Post SP1 (May) 12.0.6315.5000 KB952704
Post SP1 (May) 12.0.6315.5000 KB952698 Post SP1 (May) 12.0.6316.5000 KB953138
Post SP1 (May) 12.0.6316.5000 KB953137 Post SP1 (June) 12.0.6317.5000 KB953471
Post SP1 (June) 12.0.6317.5000 KB953473 Infra Update 12.0.6318.5000 # KB951297
Post SP1 (June) 12.0.6317.5000 KB953484 Post SP1 (July) 12.0.6324.5000 KB955593
Infra Update 12.0.6318.5000 # KB951695 Post SP1 (July) 12.0.6324.5000 KB955586
Post SP1 (July) 12.0.6324.5000 KB955594 Excel Securitfix 12.0.6317.5000 KB953397
Post SP1 (AAM) 12.0.6324.5001 KB956248 Aug CU 12.0.6327.5000 KB956056
Aug CU 12.0.6327.5000 KB956057 Oct CU 12.0.6331.5000 KB957693
Aug CU 12.0.6327.5000 KB957109 Oct CU 12.0.6331.5000 KB958569
Oct CU 12.0.6332.5000 KB957691 Dec COD 12.0.6335.5000 KB959637
Dec COD 12.0.6335.5000 KB959644 Dec Uber CU 12.0.6335.5000 KB960011
Dec Upper CU 12.0.6335.5000 KB960010 Dec COD 12.0.6336.5001 KB961176
Dec COD 12.0.6336.5001 KB961175 Dec COD 12.0.6336.5002 KB963022
Feb 09 UpperCU 12.0.6341.5000 KB961755 Feb 09 Upper CU 12.0.6341.5001 KB961756
SP2 12.0.6421.1000 KB953338 SP2 12.0.6421.1000 KB953334
Apr 09 Upper CU 12.0.6504.5000 KB968850 Apr 09 Upper CU 12.0.6504.5002 KB968851
Jun 09 Upper CU 12.0.6510.5001 KB971538 Jun 09 Upper CU 12.0.6510.5003 KB971537
Aug 09 Upper CU 12.0.6514.5004 KB973400 Aug 09 Upper CU 12.0.6514.5002 KB973399
Oct 09 Upper CU 12.0.6520.5000 KB974989 Oct 09 Upper CU 12.0.6520.5000 KB974988
Dec 09 Upper CU 12.0.6524.5000 KB977027 Dec 09 Upper CU 12.0.6524.5001 KB977026
Feb 10 Upper CU 12.0.6529.5000 KB978396 Feb 10 Upper CU 12.0.6529.5000 KB978395
Apr 10 Upper CU 12.0.6535.5002 KB981043 April 10 Upper CU 12.0.6535.5002 KB981042
Jun 10 Upper CU 12.0.6539.5000 KB983311 Jun 10 Upper CU 12.0.6539.5000 KB983310
Aug 10 Upper CU 12.0.6545.5001 KB2276474 Aug 10 Upper CU 12.0.6545.5001 KB2276472
Oct 10 Upper CU 12.0.6548.5000 KB2412268 Oct 10 Upper CU 12.0.6548.5000 KB2412267
Dec 10 Upper CU 12.0.6550.5002 KB2458606 Dec 10 Upper CU 12.0.6550.5000 KB2458605
Feb 11 Upper CU 12.0.6554.5000 KB2475886 Feb 11 Upper CU 12.0.6554.5000 KB2475885
Apr 11 Upper CU 12.0.6557.5001 KB2512783 Apr 11 Upper CU 12.0.6557.5000 KB2512782
June 11 Upper CU 12.0.6562.5001 KB2544399 June 11 Upper CU 12.0.6562.5000 KB2544398
WSS v2.0   SPS2003  
Relase Version KB Relase Version KB
RTM 11.0.5530.0 N/A RTM 11.0.5704.0 N/A
SP1 11.0.6361.0 KB841876 SP1 11.0.6715.0 KB841883
SP2 11.0.6568.0 KB887624 SP2 11.0.8126.0 KB887623
SP2 Rollup 11.0.8000.0 KB900929 SP2 Rollup 11.0.8126.2 KB898547
Aug DST 11.0.8147.0 KB941412 SP3 11.0.8168.0 KB923644
SP3 11.0.8165.0 KB923643 Post SP3 (Feb) 11.0.8168.3 KB941204
Post SP3 (Jan) 11.0.8205.0 KB941412 Post SP3 (Feb) 11.0.8168.3 KB943167
Post SP3 (Feb) 11.0.8209.0 KB948919  
Post SP3 (Mar) 11.0.8210.0 KB950386  
Post SP3 (May) 11.0.8219.0 KB952903  
Post SP3 (Nov) 11.0.8239.0 KB958706

there are so many arent they 🙂