This site is my personal public technical blog site. I am not personally making any profit of this site. I am using free addition of All the Ads are added by and I am not responsible or providing of any kind of benefit from these Ads or collecting any kind of commercial information.

All my posts are provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confer no rights.

What kinds of data does collect ?

As features, If you make comments, your name ,email adress and your IP may be collected.Please read wordpress privacy statements.

How to use collected data ?

Basically i am not using any data for any kind of personal information just it is visible under related blog post as comment. I don’t have any special email list and i am not doing any email subscription type publication rather than standart blogging features provided by

What about followers, likes and email followers

This is feature. You can free to subscribe or unsubscribe.Please read wordpress privacy statements.

What about cookies ?

This is also feature. I have no control of it.Please read wordpress privacy statements.

Analytics and other stuffs ?
I am using standard tools that wordpress provides. It doesn’t contains any PII information. I am not sharing any kind of data.

What else ?
Because of using,if there is any kind of data collection happens behind the scene,I am not responsible. Please read wordpress privacy statements.


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