Anjular.js fragment identifier “#” hash issue with SharePoint 2019 Modern UI

OnPrem SharePoint 2019, Modern UI, Horizontal Navigation Bar trimming special characters in our case “#” (Hash) in query strings for link entries which breaks 3rd Party Angular.js navigation.

(Btw:This issue is not present on SharePoint Online)

This issue only happens with SharePoint 2019 Modern UI and if you store your links with Vertical or Horizontal Navigation OOB control.

The reason is OOB Modern UI Navigation components trims any fancy character including hashes (#) where it is required for your angular.js custom solution navigation or routing purpose.

For resolution; you may try following workarounds:

There are several articles in related Angular design and how it may change this behavior.

There are always some issues we are expecting integrating 3rd party tools with SharePoint. We are trying to support as much as possible 3rd party JS library usage with SharePoint like Angular.js, but we don’t have support for Angular.js itself. It is an open source project that we cannot help much to removing “#” on Angular.js for angular navigation. This is out of scope for Microsft Support.

Luckily, Microsoft SharePoint product group fixed that behaviour and the resolution has been addressed with November CU 2019 for SharePoint Server 2019.

November 2019 CU for SharePoint Server 2019 is available for download




About future of the Content Deployment feature for SharePoint 2019

This article is about future of the “Content Deployment” functionality in SharePoint.
SharePoint production team is not improving the feature till SharePoint 2013 and they will not invest “Content Deployment” in newer SharePoint Builds.
So you should be consider to find an alternative on it.

Feature itself It is not depreciated but it will be present in SharePoint “AS IS” for backward compatibility mode and if any new feature implemented in SharePoint 2019 if it is not convenient or breaks content deployment, it will not going to be adjust/fixed.
Another meaning; SharePoint engineering team will not consider the effect for any new features on Content Deployment.
If you want to continue to use “Content Deployment” Either you should disable the newly implemented features in SharePoint 2019 (Where it may not possible some scenarios) or you need to switch an alternative (Mostly 3rd party products or manual operations)

Our official statement on this issue: Content deployment was announced as NOT recommended since SharePoint 2013 and also this statement valid for higher builds, with limitations and alternatives called out here
While it has not been formally deprecated, it has a limited degree of support, including not supporting the deployment of many features.