Recovery Sharepoint 2010 farm when app server crushed but db is not

First do not panic . If your database is alive ,this position is not bad as seems. We have a small farm in one app server and one db. Last night app server crushed with hardware failure with unrecoverable disk error when we were getting disk image for backup purpose. If we restore last backup  so we lost last 3 days. Then we decided that setting up app server and provide to use alive db.

  1. Backup your DB for safety.
  2. Setup Sharepoint 2010 to server with “farm” and “complete” option.
  3. Do not run Sharepoint 2010 product configuration wizard if you have language packs to apply.Use your language packs first.
  4. Run Sharepoint 2010 product configuration.
  5. Do not create new farm select Connect to an existing farm option.
  6. Select your configuration DB.
  7. Click Advanced button and select  Central Administration application host for this server .
  8. After wizard finished configure your server service applications. Re-Provision if you have missing service application.
  9. You will see in IIS your  sites automatically created.
  10. Configure your web.config again and apply necessery solutions,wsp,webpart, dlls, usercontrols etc .
  11. If everything is ok. You will see your site with your content

Alternatively you can backup your site content db . Create a new farm and configure it . restore last sharepoint backup for get back in past  days and restore your site content db (Sql backup) to database for missing days.


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