User Profile Application Service not getting correctly domain\username when NetBIOS anb FQDN names different.

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Can not Enable RBS because of SQL server collation for Sharepoint 2010

Note: This is article contains possibility of one reason for this error.You can able to get this error other unrelated situations.)

When you try to enable after complete installation of RBS in sharepoint powershell console you getting belowed error:

Exception calling “Enable” with “0” argument(s): “Must declare the scalar variable “@RBsId”.”
At line:1 char:13

First you think like me should i missing a parameter ? Answer NO! You are not! this fuction is parameterless.But whats happing ? I reflect the dlls and find out SPContentDatabase.RemoteBlobSettings.Enable() function call stored procedure of “dbo.proc_EnableRbs” in selected content database.And this stored procedure using @RBsId as internal parameter.

Can not enable RBS Error

Can not enable RBS Error

After working one day and countless install/uninstall attempt finally we found the problem is SQL Server Collation set “TURKISH_CI_AS” .And sharepoint 2010 has limitation with SQL collation .

You get more information form here:

Changing the server collation to Latin1_General_CI_AS_KS_WS fixes the issue .

In this moment you have two option as hardway you can try to rebuild master tables with correct collation and alter all content databases or as easy way you can reinstall SQL Server  with corrent collation.

Error acces to registry key when installing RBS.msi

This article about encounter registry access denied error when installing RBS.msi as your account already added Local Administrator group in Windows Server 2008

Here is the complete error:
“Installing the FILESTREAM blob store failed with error message:
Access to the registry key
‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Remote Blob Storage’ is denied.
Setup will continue the installation”

Cause : UAC

Solution: Disable UAC


How to prevent install Sharepoint using Group Policy

Many organizations would like to have the ability to control who can install SharePoint. For instance they might not want end-users to install SharePoint even if they are a local computer administrator. In SharePoint Foundation 2010 this ability to block SharePoint install will be possible via Active Directory group policy.
HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0\ SharePoint\

To block installation, set DWORD DisableInstall=00000001

Sharepoint Calculated Column’s Formula Syntax changes by specific culture.

Symptom :

One of our customer complain that after migrate Sharepoint 2007 farm to Sharepoint 2010 farm and implement turkish language pack , calculated column of formula is not working.And Getting error The Formula contains a syntax error is not supported.


Change the culture settings to previous language than see it will work. If you load Turkish Language Pack and define Religional Settings -> Culture as Turkish , Calculated Column Formula syntax has changed to use “;” semi colon instead of “,” colon. Because Decimal seperator is “,” colon  in some cultures like Turkish and this cause a conflict between Calculated Column Formule Syntax  Parameter seperator and Decimal Seperator.

For Example:

SUM(10.10 , 10.20 , 10.30)  it s working en-US as total of 30.60

SUM(10,10 , 10,20 , 10,30)  its working wrong  tr-TR as total of 120.

Here is the right usage:

SUM(10,10 ; 10,20 ; 10,30)

In Migration senarios you have to careful for culture differences between two product.

Happy Migrations..