How to rename Sharepoint database server

In some cases User Profile service is in “starting” mode but not started after a while getting “stopped” . one of the cause this situation is Sharepoint server name is using an ip address instead of using netbios name. You can check if from Central Administration -> Servers in farm section.

How can we change the ip address of SQL server to netbios name? Answer is simple use stsadm.
Run the following command to rename the server from IP address to netbios name sucessfully:

Stsadm -o renameserver -oldservername <ipaddress> -newservername <netbios name of the sql server>

Example: Stsadm -o renameserver -oldservername -newservername POSTSQL

Now you can try starting the User Profile Synchronization Service. It should start successfully, unless there is some other User Profile Sync Service related issue.




User Profile Application Service not getting correctly domain\username when NetBIOS anb FQDN names different.

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