Good Tools for Fixing Missing Features on Sharepoint

Some scenarios removing a feature unproperly or after migration your sharepoint to upper version  or in a development envoriment adding removing solutions with multiple times cause  getting several kind of feature errors like “Failed to find the XML file at location ’12\Template\Features\{feature name}\feature.xml’

Here is a very good article about this problem and solution.

 You may need belowed tools for fixing that problem. (Some tools are using  just stsadm at background but giving you a visual form experience.)

Wss Remove Feature From Tool
In some situation the STSADM command STSADM.EXE -o deactivatefeature is not able to deactivate a feature either on site collection or on site level.
This can (e.g.) happen if the feature definition for the feature that has to be removed is not installed in the farm.
This tool allows to remove the feature from the site or site collection completly.
WssRemoveFeatureFromSite -scope (site|sitecollection) -url <url-to-site> -featureid <featureid> -force

Wss Analyze Features  Tool
This tool allows to verify if the feature definition files for all installed features are present on the file system. Also allows to verify if the features used in site collections an sites are installed on the server.
In addition it can create a checklist file which can be used to verify if a server has all features installed required to act as destination for a content deployment job of an existing sitecollection.
WssAnalyzeFeatures -url http://server:port
This command will verify all features on the server and in the site collection.
It will create two files:
– ProblemFeatures.txt outlining all identified problems.
– ContentDeploymentFeatures.txt this is the created checklistfile. It will contain all features that have to exist on the target to be able to act as target for a content deployment of the site collection.
WssAnalyzeFeatuers -verify ContentDeploymentFeatures.txt
this command will verify the features installed on the server against the features listed in the ContentDeploymentFeatures.txt checklistfile which was created on the source server.

SharePoint Feature Administration and Clean Up Tool
Find faulty FeatureDefinitions and cleanly uninstall them.
Find Feature remainders in Sites, SiteCollections, WebApps and in the Farm, from e.g. forcefully uninstalled Features from farm without deactivating them before, causing errors.
Also, de-/activate Features Farm wide.

Faulty Feature Tool v2



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