Problem with Security Update for Windows SharePoint Services 2007 (KB2493987), 64-bit Edition

After  kb2493987 installed unable to connect sharepoint sites getting error Service Unavailable.
Unable to run IIS application pools getting error.

Application pools stop when a request arrives with the following error in the system logs:
A process serving application pool terminated unexpectedly process exit code was 0xffffffff
Checked the IIS file versions and there are a lot of DLLs do not match SP2 version.
I have asked customer to re-install SP2 and it solved the issue.

After IIS working correctly this time sharepoint site getting error of  404 not found error.
First check DisableLoopbackCheck issue.

Don’t forget when a security updates patched  need to run configuration wizard until not to do so.

kb2493987 Automatically instaled windows update.

psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait -force

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