SharePoint 2013 Workflows – Requirements

If you are interested in SharePoint 2013 Workflows. I can say SharePoint 2013 workflows has never been powerful as before. Which is come us with a tremendous improvement and completely new architecture. As every new System and new architecture brings new problems as always been , thats the nature of the new releases , so before going into dark side , you have to sure that you have working with last updates.

For the overview of SharePoint 2013 Workflows you can find more info from MSDN:

Workflow Manager 1.0:

Windows Workflow Foundation:

I would like to share some important upgrade and suggestions that may prevent your pains when you try to adapting the new SharePoint 2013 workflows.

First thing is the prerequisites ;

-> Bold Lines extra requirements and fixes many issues

*Workflow Manager 1.0 RTM (Shipped with SP2013 RTM)
*Workflow Manager 1.0 Service Pack 1
*Workflow Manager 1.0 Client for SharePoint 2013 Servers .
(If you installing Workflow Manager 1.0 via Web Platform installer it is automattically installs if your machine already installed SharePoint 2013)

*Service Bus 1.0
*Service Bus 1.0 Service Pack 1

I would suggest to use Web Platform Installer for install and setup and tracking for new upgrades for Workflow Manager and Service Bus.

*SharePoint 2013
*SharePoint 2013 and at least March PU update.
*I have suggested that Install Latest Current CU (Currently October 2013 CU for SharePoint 2013)

 *.Net FrameWork 4.5 (It is also SharePoint 2013 prerequisites)
*Always check the .Net FrameWork 4.5 Hotfixes.

For Developers :

*Visual Studio 2012 with latest Upgrade
*Office Developer tools for Visual Studio 2012 RTM (Again use Web Platform Installer for tracing new updates)
*Worflow Manager Tools 1.0 for VS 2012 (
If you installing Workflow Manager 1.0 via Web Platform installer it is automattically installs if your machine already installed VS2012)


Here Some other Suggestions;

* When after you register your workflow service as below command:

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite “” -WorkflowHostUri “” -Scope “Workflows” -AllowOAuthHttp
Make sure that you are using -WorkflowHostUri as full FQDN name , otherwise you may face some funcy Access denied issues.

*When you are using developing or testing don’t use System account. You may face also some System.Unauthorize exceptions which is also described technet it is not supported.

*Sometimes when you are working with Visual Studio you may face your latest build doesn’t deployed to the farm. That is a VS Caching problem. Always use latest VS bits. (Restarting VS or killing vshost exe can fixes that issue on next deployment)


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