Keynotes for Distributed Cache on SharePoint 2013

My colleague Hector has created a very good article by compiling different issues with Distributed Cache.
You can read the orginal article below link:

Here is the key notes:

  • NEVER admin the distributed cache from the admin console
  • Maximum capacity of memory is 16 GB per host cache
  • Dynamic memory is not supported in SharePoint 2013 environments nor APP fabric servers
  • The prodcuct after being installed allocates 10% of the physical RAM memory available at the sever. It can be configured following the next point.
  • It’s recommended to allocate 2 GB for other services.
  • It’s not supported to develop code against the Distributed Cache of SharePoint 2013.
    “If you are using custom applications in SharePoint Server 2013 which use the AppFabric client APIs, or are creating custom caches, you should create a separate AppFabric cache cluster to support your custom applications. Do not use the AppFabric cache cluster supporting your SharePoint Server 2013 farm. Run your separate AppFabric cache cluster for your custom applications on separate servers from the servers dedicated to your SharePoint Server 2013 farm.
  • Install the latest APP Fabric CU if possible. Right now we are in CU 4