Sharepoint 2010 User Profile Syncronization Services can not syncronize user domain alias information correctly

If you have already running UPA and have correct sync connection than after changed NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled true and already get full import but domain names still FQDN name instead of Netbios names.
(not any CU loaded)

1) Check AD Replication Directory Changes Permission is set correctly .
see article:

2) Clear all syncronization connections.

3) Clear all imported users
see article:
4) Set NetBIOSDomainNamesEnabled true of your User Profile Service Application

$upsa = Get-SPServiceApplication –Id <Your UPSA id>
# To get the GUID of the User Profile Service Application run Get-SPServiceApplication.

5) Reset OWSTimer and complete iisreset.

6) Recreate your synchronization configuration

7) Start Full Import.