Sharepoint Log management with ULS Viewer

Hi Everybody ,

Sharepoint logs is one of the important point for developers . When an error occures you may want to examine sharepoint logs in drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extentions\[12,14]\Logs.These log files are text based and sometimes its make me creazy for searching related data .Because its hard to find some thing in these texts files. There are some tools for easily manage your logs.

What is ULS Viewer:

ULSViewer allows users to open a ULS log file and display its contents in a user friendly format. Users can then perform advanced functions such as filtering, sorting, highlighting, loading logs, appending logs, etc in order to single out the data that is important to the user. This information can be used to diagnose problems with machines running ULS services, or to monitor machines and the events they create in realtime.

Toggle Correlation Tree and Notification features are most i like.In SharePoint 2010 has come with new error handling feature named  “correlation id”  which is help us to trace a series of event inside SharePoint.


ULS Viewer for sharepoint: