LangStore for Sharepoint 2010

Sharepoint developers knows LangStore for building Multilingual Sharepoint 2007 Sites  by Chris O’Brain. This is very useful tool and i personally thanks Chris for this great tool. But when you want to use this tool with sharepoint 2010 it has some compatiblity issues .
Some of Site columns collide with comming out of the box columns already used by site content type for example “catagory”. I download and change code with schema.xml and element.xml of MultilingualItemType like below:


<FieldRef Name=LinkTitle />

<FieldRef ID={E5C8FDA4-BDA7-4419-8A4E-DE102964884B}
Name=LangStoreCategory Required=true />

<FieldRef ID={D36535DC-31D1-4eb2-9C5C-58CE11EDA226}
Name=LangStoreDescription Required=false />

<FieldRef ID={160036D9-C1A0-419a-AFCE-4CF0525E2160}
Name=LS_LANG_EN Required=false />

<FieldRef ID={21C5A600-9BE5-4f2a-ABD8-271206FC988F}
Name=LS_LANG_TR Required=false />

<FieldRef ID={20DA8826-4CAC-41ca-9399-A82C50E9D66F}
Name=LS_LANG_EN-US Required=false />

<FieldRef ID={1DC99CF7-6667-44ee-83AB-0A5D46D0A092}
Name=LS_LANG_EN-GB Required=false />

<FieldRef ID={600081D6-5AA3-4901-AC55-5537C044D383}
Name=LS_LANG_FR-FR Required=false />

<FieldRef ID={E96813DE-E8A8-4640-AF8D-1E4AC4292B3E}
Name=LS_LANG_DE Required=false />



And i also change all project for suitible with Sharepoint 2010 project for VS 2010 IDE.



Original Langstore :   sharepoint-sites.html


Orginal Langstore Download:

You can download LangStore2010 from:


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