How to send Real Meeting Requests from Sharepoint 2010 – Part4 Usage

How to send Real Meeting Requests from Sharepoint 2010 – Part4 Usage:

Here is the links for How to send Real Meeting Request From Sharepoint 2010 Series:

1) Open a sharepoint calendar

2) Add new Event

Meeting Requests can only be send through from a Meeting Workspace in this project.So you have to select checkbox of workspace.

3) Create a new Meeting Workspace or Select an existing Meeting WorkSpace

If you have already a created Meeting WorkSpace select that one.

4) The Meeting Workspace home page opens automatically.

5) Add Manage Meeting Requests Web Part  to default page

6) Add needed attendess

7)Return to home page of Meeting Site

8) Send a meeting Request form Manage Meeting Request Web Part

If you able to send a meeting request successfully the gui has changes and information message shown that confirm your Meeting Request has been sent successfully.
There is only 4 feature implemented in this project.

  • Send Meeting Request
  • ReSend Meeting Request
  • Refresh Attendees Status
  • Cancel Meeting

9) Check Your Outlook and Clients for confirmation .


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