How to remove “Open this webpart page in maintenance view” message

Assume following scenario

1. Add wiki page in wiki page library
2. edit properties of this page, there is an message

“Open this web part page in maintenance view to delete the problem web parts and remove the personal settings.”

at the bottom of the editing property page.


this message is usually a false alarm but it can make users annoying. You can remove this message by using JQuery easily.

  1. Integrate the Jquery with your master page.
  2.  Go to the related Library Settings -> Advanced Settings.
  3. And select “Launch forms in a dialog” option to “no” and click ok.That would provide to open dialog boxes as a page and you can use the ribbon to change edit mode of the editform.aspx page.


  4. Find the item in the library and Click edit Properties
  5. Click Site Actions -> Edit Page while EditForm.aspx in browsing.
  6. Add a “Content Editor” web part to related Document Libraries’ EditForm.aspx
  7. Click HTML-> Edit HTML Source
  8. Type following Script inside of the HTML Source Windows.

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    $(document).ready(function() {
    $(“a:contains(‘Open Web Part Page’)”).parent().css(‘display’,’none’);


  9. Click OK and Save the page. IF everyhing is ok you shouldn’t able to see the WebPartMaintenace Message like below.


  10.  Go to the related Library Settings -> Advanced Settings.
  11.  And select “Launch forms in a dialog” option to “YES” for revert back and click ok

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