About global threat of WannaCrypt attacks

A significant number of customers have reported ransomware (Win32.WannaCrypt ) that was suspected to be introduced into their environment via email, this malware is using Social Engineering to target companies. Microsoft Anti-Malware products have been updated and detect the present version of this malware from definition version onwards

Customer Guidance for WannaCrypt attacks


Impacted customers who were unpatched and infected will work through disaster recovery plans to rebuild and/or patch their systems.

1. Install Security Update MS17-010, to PREVENT further spread of the malware
2. Create the registry key to disable SMBv1 (used only if Security Update MS17-010 cannot be applied)
3. Updated Antivirus definitions should be applied (Microsoft Anti-Malware products detect the present version of this malware from definition version onwards

For More details pls follow Windows Security Blog


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