Any CPU or x64 or x86

How to learn processor achitecture of an assembly ?


[reflection.assemblyname]::GetAssemblyName("${pwd}\Microsoft.SharePoint.dll") | fl


A 64-bit AMD processor only.


An ARM processor.


A 64-bit Intel processor only.


Neutral with respect to processor and bits-per-word. (AnyCPU)


An unknown or unspecified combination of processor and bits-per-word.


A 32-bit Intel processor, either native or in the Windows on Windows environment on a 64-bit platform (WOW64).

Or Corflags.exe

CPU Architecture           PE      32BITREQ   32BITPREF
 ------------------------   -----   --------   ---------
 x86 (32-bit)               PE32           1           0
 x64 (64-bit)               PE32+          0           0
 Any CPU                    PE32           0           0
 Any CPU 32-Bit Preferred   PE32           0           1

More Information:
What does Any CPU really means ?



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