About SharePoint OnPrem Multitenancy

As per https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/what-s-new/what-s-deprecated-or-removed-from-sharepoint-server-2019 it is clear that multi tenancy is supported in SPS 2016 and deprecated with 2019. But…

On-prem multi-tenancy is a configuration that is extremely difficult to set up and maintain.  We’ve been strongly discouraging customers from using this configuration unless they already deployed it during 2010/2013.  And if they have, then upgrading to a new version of SharePoint should be looked at as an opportunity to get off this configuration.  We only offer “limited support” for this configurations both SPS2013 and SPS2016 because the out-of-box experience is incomplete, so customers end up having to write a lot of custom code to create a good end-to-end experience.



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