The given expression is never of the provided warning.

When you try to getting type of Generic variable “T” you get this warning.Here is the sample :

class CauseWarning {     public void make<T>(T value)     {     if (typeof(T) is Test)         Console.Write("Something");     } } public class Test { }

Here is the solution:

class CauseWarning {     public void make<T>(T value)     {     if (typeof(T).IsAssignableFrom(typeof( Test)))         Console.Write("Something");     } } public class Test { }

Type.IsAssignableFrom Method Determines whether an instance of the current Type can be assigned from an instance of the specified Type.true if the c parameter and the current Type represent the same type, or if the current Type is in the inheritance hierarchy of c, or if the current Type is an interface that c supports. false if none of these conditions are the case, or if c is a null reference.


use alias for generics in c#2.0

Aliased generics:

using ASimpleName = Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, List<string>>>;

It allows you to use ASimpleName, instead of Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, List<string>>>.

Use it when you would use the same generic big long complex thing in a lot of places.