How to send Real Meeting Request from Sharepoint 2010 – Part 3 Deployment

How to send Real Meeting Request from Sharepoint 2010 Series:

How to Deploy our sample project to sharepoint.

1) Download Meeting Request project WSP file from
And copy SendMeetingRequestProg.wsp file to your c: drive

2) Open a Sharepoint Management Shell

3) Type and rın fallowing command
Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath c:\SendMeetingRequestProj.wsp

4) Type and rın fallowing command
Install-SPSolution -identity SendMeetingRequestProj.wsp -WebApplication <your web site url> -GACDeployment
Install-SPSolution -identity SendMeetingRequestProj.wsp -WebApplication -GACDeployment

5) Type and rın fallowing command
Enable-SPFeature -Identity f746829e-ca13-4bcd-86cc-90fd1cd0729c -url<your web site url>
Enable-SPFeature -Identity f746829e-ca13-4bcd-86cc-90fd1cd0729c -url

Our feature Id : is f746829e-ca13-4bcd-86cc-90fd1cd0729c but if dont know a features id you can find it with fallowing powershell command

Our wsp files contains fallowing files.

PS : WSP Files contains Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll file so you dont need to install EWS setup to your sharepoint servers .
When you deploy wsp file Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll will be copied to your web applications folder .

Don’t forget to add web.config keys in <appSettings>

<add key=”ExchangeServiceURL” value=”; />
<add key=”ExchangeServiceUserName” value=”MeetingService” />
<add key=”ExchangeServicePassword” value=”the password is here” />
<add key=”ExchangeServiceDomain” value=”BLOG” />

And Be sure your Trust level is Full
<trust level=”Full” originUrl=”” />