CabMaker v1.0 (Command Line Tool)

If you have ever need explore or change a file content inside of wsp file,  you already know that changing extention and rename it as “Cab” file , you can open or extract contained files by using well know compress programs like zip or rar openers. But what if after you change some file for example after fixing an element.xml file , if you  need to make again a wsp , this very simple tool can help make cab(or wsp) files.

Usage: cabmaker <source folder> <cab file name>
Examples :
cabmaker c:\mySolution c:\mysolution.wsp
cabmaker c:\mySolution c:\

For 64 bit systems:
For 32 bit systems:




How to send Real Meeting Request from Sharepoint 2010 – Part 3 Deployment

How to send Real Meeting Request from Sharepoint 2010 Series:

How to Deploy our sample project to sharepoint.

1) Download Meeting Request project WSP file from
And copy SendMeetingRequestProg.wsp file to your c: drive

2) Open a Sharepoint Management Shell

3) Type and rın fallowing command
Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath c:\SendMeetingRequestProj.wsp

4) Type and rın fallowing command
Install-SPSolution -identity SendMeetingRequestProj.wsp -WebApplication <your web site url> -GACDeployment
Install-SPSolution -identity SendMeetingRequestProj.wsp -WebApplication -GACDeployment

5) Type and rın fallowing command
Enable-SPFeature -Identity f746829e-ca13-4bcd-86cc-90fd1cd0729c -url<your web site url>
Enable-SPFeature -Identity f746829e-ca13-4bcd-86cc-90fd1cd0729c -url

Our feature Id : is f746829e-ca13-4bcd-86cc-90fd1cd0729c but if dont know a features id you can find it with fallowing powershell command

Our wsp files contains fallowing files.

PS : WSP Files contains Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll file so you dont need to install EWS setup to your sharepoint servers .
When you deploy wsp file Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll will be copied to your web applications folder .

Don’t forget to add web.config keys in <appSettings>

<add key=”ExchangeServiceURL” value=”; />
<add key=”ExchangeServiceUserName” value=”MeetingService” />
<add key=”ExchangeServicePassword” value=”the password is here” />
<add key=”ExchangeServiceDomain” value=”BLOG” />

And Be sure your Trust level is Full
<trust level=”Full” originUrl=”” />